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Best Digital Marketing Service in Bangladesh

We are offering the most enjoyable digital marketing service ever! Don’t just spend money, watch your growth with Dhaka Lab. We emphasise on brand value rather than like/subscriber value. These things come alive as you place yourself at upper position!

Our Digital Marketing Package Starting from as low as
Only BDT 2,900/month

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Social Media Management

In today’s social media driven world you can always grow your prospective clients’ attention by being active on the social sharing platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin etc. are the new mean of profit generation channel

Video Marketing

In today’s internet world, video is king. Where network bandwidth is so much cheaper and youtube is the second largest search, you cannot neglect the need of video marketing for your brand’s social growth. It’s amature video we’re talking about. It will grow and retain your followers

Free Website if needed

Dhaka Lab as a primarily focused on Web Development, believe that a landing page in the key to customer retention. If you don’t have one, customers will not find your brand rational, thus looking a potential client. We therefor with our Best Digital Marketing Service giving you a basic wordpress website for free

Monthly Reporting

We’d send you detailed report every month on our works done, your brand growth and achievements beyound monetorial values

Digital Marketing Package & Pricing

N.B: These are the actions we do for your brand every month

DM Lite

For low budget
    •  Facebook Posts: 2
    •  Google Plus Posts: 2
    •  Twitter Tweets: 2
    •  Blog Writing & Posting: 1
    •  Video Marketing: 1
    •  Video Upload & Optimize: 1
    •  Support Ticket: Yes
    •  Targeted Boost: Yes, Minimal
    •  Monthly Report: Yes
    •  Basic WP Website: Yes
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DM Heavy

For high budget
    •  Facebook Posts: 15
    •  Google Plus Posts: 15
    •  Twitter Tweets: 15
    •  Blog Writing & Posting: 5
    •  Video Marketing: 3
    •  Video Upload & Optimize: 3
    •  Support Ticket: Yes
    •  Targeted Boost: Yes, Severe
    •  Monthly Report: Yes
    •  Basic WP Website: Yes
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Special Notes:

  • Dhaka Lab will be digitally market your brand to the targeted audience of your choice

  • As a digital marketing agency, we’ll not be providing any income forecast or guarantees

  • We will not provide any other business management for you! You’re responsible for managing your own business and other means

  • Free website will be provided only if you need one and will be hosted by us. No cPanel access will be provided. You’ll given editor privilege for updating contents

  • Blog articles will be organic and professionally written by us

  • For video marketing well make image based basic videos or youtube and facebook targeted amature videos to gain and retain followers

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