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Grow E-Commerce Business with support for Digital Marketing to Store Website!!

No more costly boosting and then nothing after campaign end! Dhaka Lab has a huge opportunity for E-commerce people like you to start doing business with ease. If you don’t yet have an E-commerce website, we’d give you one! Just start!

BDT 2,900/month

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Some of our E-Commerce Sites


If you don’t have a website of yours, we will make you a basic WooCommerce/WordPress Powered E-Commerce store for fulfill your landing page requirements. And it’s absolutly free as you continue with this pack. Contact Us for custom web development needs.

Free E-Commerce Website Features

Online Storefront

To promote your products, you need a landing page. A basic WordPress/WooCommerce store is at your rescue here

Business Class Web Hosting

No need to expense extra for high performance USA Web Hosting. Our Business Class Web Hosting is optionally included with all packages.

Mobile Optimized Responsive Website

We give you responsive themes for your online shop so that anyone can visit the storefront from anywhere from any device type.

Need Custom Design?

No Problem! Our professional website developers are ready to help. Contact Us with your requirements to get custom quote from us!

Hand Picked Analysis & Optimization

Our Professionals will be hand picking your targeted audience and be optimizing your social media presence, website and videos accordingly.

Digital Marketing Package

N.B: All of the following are the actions would be taken per month basis


For E-Commerce Startups
    •  Facebook Posts: 2
    •  Google Plus Posts: 2
    •  Twitter Tweets: 2
    •  Blog Writing & Posting: 1
    •  Product Photography: 3
    •  Product Video Making: 1
    •  Video Upload & Optimize: 1
    •  Support Ticket: Yes
    •  Targeted Boost: Yes
    •  Monthly Report: Yes
    •  Free E-Commerce: Basic WooCommerce
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For E-Commerce Business
    •  Facebook Posts: 15
    •  Google Plus Posts: 15
    •  Twitter Tweets: 15
    •  Blog Writing & Posting: 5
    •  Product Photography: 12
    •  Product Video Making: 4
    •  Video Upload & Optimize: 4
    •  Support Ticket: Yes
    •  Targeted Boost: Yes
    •  Monthly Report: Yes
    •  Free E-Commerce: Basic WooCommerce
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Special Notes:

  • Dhaka Lab will be digitally market your products to the targeted audience of your choice

  • As a digital marketing agency, we’ll not be providing any income forecast or guarantees

  • We will not provide any order tracking support or inhouse E-Commerce management for you!

  • You’d be responsible for managing your own business, order tracking

  • Free website will be provided only if you need one and will be hosted by us. No cPanel access will be provided. You’ll given editor privilege for updating contents

  • Blog articles will be organic and professionally done by us

  • For product photography and video, you are responsible to bring your products to us

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